Christus  Medicus

A guide to Christian medicine

Ancient medicine has its roots in its religion: Traditional Chinese Medicine in Daoism, Ayurveda in the Indian high religions and Hippocratic Medicine in Greek mythology and the world of the gods. A Christian medicine is unknown. This is really amazing, for Jesus Christ, according to the unanimous testimony of tradition, was a great physician and healer - the "Christ medicus". For the Christians of the first centuries he was considered the creator himself, who knew how his creation works. According to today's understanding he is only a savior for the soul, his healing belongs in the realm of miracles, to which one can believe or not , A medical meaning seems unscientific and questionable - like a relic from a world long gone.

If one puts Christi healing in the context of his time and his medicine, then one finds with the large German physician Hildegard von Bingen an old holistic medicine on a high level. It takes up the inner concerns of all healing clients: compassionate love (Caritas) - "because all healing happens out of love" (Hildegard von Bingen). It does not limit itself to human love, but captures the essence of all creation: it loves man and wants to help him.


The divine love (Caritas) is hidden in everything

It does everything:

wonderful the world over the stars

  and adorable in all living things,

because she gave the kiss of peace

the king, our highest lord.

 Hildegard von Bingen, Symphonia 


Caritas habundat in omnia-De imis excellentissima super sidera -atque amantissima in omnia,-Quia summo regi osculum pacis dedit. 

Karibu medicine!