Fungus (Fungal disease, Mycosis)

What do you mean when you say "Fungus"

Fungus is the name given to all diseases caused by fungi. Mushrooms occur in large numbers in nature. Many are edible, some of them are used as medicinal mushrooms in naturopathy. Others are parasites and live on plants, animals and humans. You can then do great damage.

Fungal diseases can appear superficially on the skin, nails and in the mucous membranes of the mouth and genitals. As outside, so inside: A fungus on the outside indicates that internal organs are also affected by the pathogen. It indicates a weakness in our immune system.

The Problem

We are surrounded by fungi and their microspores. Most of the time we don't notice any of it and don't get sick either. Every day our immune system fends off a large number of germs and other pathogens. When healthy, we have enough defenses. However, if we have fungi on the body where they shouldn't be, our vitality is weakened. It actually ensures that our body's energies are in a good balance.

Many factors affect our immune system:

  • an unbalanced nutrient poor diet
  • too little exercise in the fresh air
  • Environmental toxins and pollutants
  • This includes constant grief and worry
  • unprocessed mental conflicts
  • excessive consumption of stimulants (e.g. cola)
  • persistent exposure to cold or moisture
  • Smoke
  • numerous medications
  • Antibiotics.


Fight the causes

Monastery medicine does not focus on the pathogen causing illness, be it a fungus, a virus or a bacterium. It is always about expanding the healthy living space.

Avoid all harmful causes. They can be very diverse. It's best to go step by step. Start at one point.


Other avoidance options:

  • Mushrooms love sugar and a high-sugar diet. They thrive particularly well. That is why it is important to largely avoid sugar.
  • Mushrooms love moisture and don't like light or sun. So it's good to expose them to fresh air and brightness. This is especially true for athlete's foot. If possible, you shouldn't wear tight shoes, but sandals.
  • Mushrooms hate acid. Every housewife knows this: you can fight mushrooms in the household with vinegar. So you can also make foot baths with vinegar or envelopes with sour milk (curd cheese).



I personally treat severe internal and external fungal diseases effectively with homeopathy in my practice.


Remedies for fungus

Moringa is a tree that enables you to eat a balanced diet rich in vital substances.

Daily consumption of Moringa strengthens the defense against the stomach and intestines. In this way, the immune deficiency is remedied and the disease is cured from the inside.

Onion for fungal infections

Grate a handful of onions. Rub the affected areas with the juice. Particularly effective for skin fungi in the genital area.

You can also simply cut an onion and attach it to the affected area with a bandage. Also helps with boils and abscesses.