Why I am writing this page
I studied biology and theology at Heidelberg University and continued with the studies of Homeopathy and Christian Monastery Medicine of Hildegard of Bingen. I work as a state-certified naturopath and lecturer. I am married with a protestant pastor. God blessed our marriage with 6 children.Archbishop Paul Ruzoka together with other Bishops invited us to open a clinic and training center for naturopathy in Tabora/Tanzania. But we could not travel because of the Corona problem. So we had the idea of a learning program on facebook. Everyone is welcomed. Parallel to the contributions here, I write my page on facebook @karibu_medicine. You are invited to subscribe. Thanks.
Christian monastery medicine has similar roots to traditional Chinese medicine or Ayurveda. It has a wide range of remedies from all areas of nature. They are seen like friends who want to help people for body and soul. We find a simple and cheap naturopathy here - a kind of medicine for poor people - medicine of Jesus Christ himself. Nevertheless, it is very effective and has been practiced in Christian monasteries around the world for many centuries.
With their unselfish work of charity, the monasteries have decisively shaped our German culture. I am deeply indebted to them. It is my wish to help you with the knowledge of old and new Naturopathy in the problems today. Welcome!
This page deals with a health issue. It does not replace a doctor!