Neem Tree (Azadirachda indica- Mti wa mwarubaini)


The neem tree is a whole pharmacy. It is an important remedy for virus infections. But also it is helpful for many other problems: It is not only a very good means of combating pests in the garden like in Germany, but is an important medicinal plant for humans. It has an antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral effect. It is used against house dust mites, head lice, internally against parasites and worms and also against viruses.


The plant.

The neem tree occurs in Africa, Asia and South America. It is an all-rounder: it grows in lower as well as higher areas, on sandy as well as stony or loamy soil, in a humid climate and yet tolerates drought well. It grows even on acidic soils and neutralizes them by dropping leaves. The flesh of its fruits is poisonous, and the valuable neem oil is extracted from the seeds.


Smell leaves

You can easily see its effect yourself. Just pick a few fresh branches and hang them in your apartment. You will see the mosquitoes and pests disappear in the room. However, the branches only work for about a week, then you have to renew them.

The leaves look even more intense when you put them on the embers of the fire. He then also sells insects in clothing such as clothes moths. You inhale the smell intensely yourself and can assume that it kills viruses and pests internally.


Boil tea from leaves

You can make tea from the leaves. To do this, throw a handful of leaves in a pot of water and boil for 30 minutes. Then she strained and drank a cup of tea, which tasted bitter. It can be sweetened with honey for children, but it is better to leave it as it is.

It is best to boil a pot of tea in the morning and drink half a cup at a time with meals. It cleanses the blood and strengthens the immune system.

I myself had to fight a strong cough for weeks after arriving in Tanzania. After a single cup of tea, the cough was suddenly gone and never came back.

Take everyday a cup of tea to prevent virus infections like corona!


Preserve food with leaves

Mix in small twigs with dried leaves of stored food. They then last much longer and are not attacked by pests.

Leaves in head lice

Put leaves in alcohol (konjaci). Remove wig, cut hair short, rub solution into hair.



Brush teeth regularly with twigs. The neem bark has an antibiotic effect on caries germs. This is how viruses in the mouth / throat are killed.

In Germany, toothpaste is produced with Neem, which serves the same purpose.



The flesh is poisonous. Mash the dried kernels in the mortar, then press to extract the valuable Neem oil. You can use it for cooking.

Medically, you rub the chest with it, so that it acts directly on the airways and lungs. It is important to rub the soles of the feet and palms of the hands. From here, the healing powers of the plant reach all organs (reflexology).