How to clean the water with Moringa?


Cut Moringa seeds into small pieces or put them in water. Stir well, leave for a few hours, stir and drink again. But you can also do it very professionally:

„Seed pods should be left to mature on the tree and harvested when dry. The number of sees needed to trat river water depends on how much suspended matter the water contains. Users quickly become familiar with the changing needs of their particular water as the quantity of sediment changes with the seasons. 

To treat 20 liters of water - the amount carried in the average large bucket - you need about 10 seeds of Moringa olifera. Remove the light wings and shells of the seeds and finely pound them. Add a small amount of water to the crushed seed to form a paste. Put the paste into a clean bottle - a soda bottle is ideal. Add a cup (200 ml) of water and shake for 5 minutes. This action activates the chemicals in the crushed seed. 

Filter the solution through filter paper or white cotton cloth into a 20 liter bucket of the water you want to purify. Stir rapidly for 2 minutes, followed by slow stirring for 10 - 15 minutes. During this slow mixing period the Moringa seed binds together (coagulates) the fine particles and bacteria into larger particles which sink and settle on the bottom of the bucket. After some hours or overnight, clear water can be drawn of. 

The process will remove 90-99,9 per cent or the bacteria, as well as clearing the water. If the water is more polluted further purification is then recommended, either by boiling or filtering with a simple sand filter. 

Note: Moringa seeds can be used first for oil extraction. The remaining press cake, which can be dried and stored, is just as effective as the fresh seeds for water treatment“.(anamed)

Make sure that the water you drink is clean

Christ was thirsty - as we read in the Bible John 4. He sat down at a well and asked a woman to give him water to drink. He had a long conversation with her, but nowhere does the bible say that he actually got water from her.

The Christians of the old church ask: are you ready to serve Christ and give him fresh water? You can do it by offering it to the person who asks you (Mt 24). 

Fresh water was very important. Each monastery had to have its own well. They knew that water can make people sick.

You can easily clean your water with Moringa seeds.


Ravenna, 6.century
Ravenna, 6.century