Camphora (Cinnamomum camphora)

Camphora in alternative Medicin

The camphor tree (Cinnamomum camphora) is grown all over the tropical world including East Africa. It belongs to the family of Laurales like Cinnamon and Avocado. 

The essential camphor oil is obtained from the bark, the leaves and the resin of the tree. It smells very strong and should not be overdosed, especially not during pregnancy. It is used in a variety of ways in alternative medicine.

Heart failure

  • Colds
  • hysteria
  • Calm down and relax
  • against Diarrhö 

Camphor can also be used externally as a wrap. To do this, put a little camphor oil in hot water, dip cotton towels in it and wrap it around your feet and calves. Cover well with a towel.

Camphora in homeopathy for Corona

Symptoms of Corona 

The corona pandemic is not the only serious viral disease of our day. Just think of the HIV virus. If you work homeopathically, you do not have to ask about the virus itself, but: What is special about this worldwide virus infection? What are its symptoms. Do not think primarily of the clinical symptoms, but of the atmosphere emanating from this virus.

Let us just remember AIDS. There are currently around 28 million AIDS sufferers in Africa. Due to the lockdown, this number is probably higher. AIDS is incurable. Medication can only extend the lifespan. Nevertheless, AIDS - in any case in Germany - does not have to be reported to the health authority. It is kept secret. They don't want to leave the patient to the stigma of being excluded.

The Corona Virus creates a different atmosphere worldwide, definitely in Germany. Not only is there talk of it everywhere - unlike with AIDS. People have the idea that they have their own little world where things are clear. The outside world seems insecure to them. You absolutely need your own little world, the quarantine, the lock down. At home it seems safe.

If you now place this idea in the grid of homeopathy, the remedy Cinnamomum Camphore, the Camphor, appears. All the symptoms together have led to Camphora being used in homeopathic doses worldwide with very good results for the prevention of corona. I also take a few drops of this remedy in its 30th potency whenever I am afraid that I may be infected with Corona by anybody. It helps me immediately.

Camphora in homeopathic preparation is a good home remedy for everyone to prevent and accompany the treatment of Corona. You can use it as D 12, C 30 or C 200.