Garlic (Allium sativum)

Garlic flower/chironius /
Garlic flower/chironius /

Garlic is an important spice in the kitchen. It brings some "color" to the kitchen, emphasizes the taste of the dishes and is good for your health.


Garlic in my garden


Garlic can easily be grown in the garden. Its subsoil must be permeable to water and fertile, it needs full sun. You put the toes individually with the pointed end upwards at a distance of about 15 cm each 6 cm deep into the earth. It is harvested when the flowers are dry and the leaves wither. Remove flower stalks before flowering and replant thick toes.

Recipe Garlic flower oil

It is a pity that the flowers of the garlic are thrown away frequently. They taste good and are very healing, but not as digestible as garlic and also suitable for the sensitive. You can put them in sunflower oil.

Fill a screw-top jar with chopped broiled onions and garlic cones. Top up with oil. Let it steep for 2-3 weeks. Stored cool and dark, it lasts for several weeks.

How to use cooking oil, taking in the flowers and bulbs. (Rosemary Gladstar´s Medicinal Herbs).

Garlic in the Bible

Garlic is an important remedy of natural medicine. It already occurs in the Bible.

Please understand: For the old church, the Bible is not just a religious textbook in which I learn about God and faith. It is a medicine for body and soul. No word in the Bible is a coincidence. Everything - even plants - has a deep meaning. God loves us and wants to help us. This basic statement from the Bible is not simply an idea, but a reality you can realize in alternative medicine. 

The Bible packs medicine into stories. They does not say: you have to take garlic as a medicine for this and the disease. The Bible reflects the atmosphere in which garlic works well. If you feel that this atmosphere applies to you, that you resemble it on the inside like we do it today in homeopathy.


The story of the Bible from the Old Testament Numbers 11 has two major themes:


1. Want to enjoy food

The people of Israel had left Egypt and were on a long journey through the desert. With them were also Egyptians who had joined them. They weren't used to monotonous food and poor life. After a long time of walking they were tired of the monotony of the desert and the daily manna. They have a terrible desire for meat.

“Then the Israelites began to cry and said: Who will give us meat to eat? We think of the fish we ate for free in Egypt and the pumpkins, melons, leeks, onions and garlic. But now our soul is dull, because our eyes see nothing but manna. "

Note: People who respond particularly well to garlic have one important symptom: they love to enjoy. It is important to them to eat well and a lot. They are not ascetics.

Another symptom: People show a first reaction on the eyes. That gets better with garlic.


2. Desire for purity

God is not petty that he does not treat the people to meat. But he knows that meat and good food alone are not enough for people. It is about the heart, inner purity and sanctification.

The second major theme in history is the desire for purity (Numbers 11:18). This can be meant internally and externally. People who respond well to garlic cannot suffer pollution.

Garlic in homeopathy


If you have the impression that garlic fits your problem, see a doctor or pharmacy that has homeopathic remedies and ask them for Allium sativum.

Allium sativum as C3-C6 lowers blood pressure when taking 20 - 40 drops and is suitable for muscular patients who live well, eat considerably more, especially meat, than they drink.

We will discuss the preparation of these remedies in more detail. It is not easy.

Garlic in conventional natural medicine

You can make simple, yet effective remedies from garlic. It's about the raw garlic, not the cooked one. Only old garlic has more healing powers through cooking.

In modern herbal medicine, garlic is considered a natural antibiotic. It is the treatment of choice for colds, flu, sore throat and sluggishness. It helps with high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, joint pain. Do not take if you have chronic gastritis or acidity!


Cold Garlic Cough Recipe (TCM)


250 g of garlic

100 g brown sugar

250 g of vinegar

Peel and shred the cloves of garlic, soak them in sugar and vinegar overnight.

Eat 5 toes once a day for a week.

You can expand this recipe as you like with other plants and spices.


Recipe garlic for rheumatism (Dr. Carsten, Germany)

Place 3 cloves of garlic in diluted schnapps or wine (15% alcohol) for 14 days, drain and take 10 drops in the morning.