Motherly Love of Hen


Christians believe: Jesus Christ is not the only savior and savior of the world. He is also the "son of the father" - creator of heaven and earth. Nature is not simply nature, but creation. It is shaped by its loving creator and wants to help us. Motherly love (Greek agape) is not a typical human characteristic. In it we recognize something about God and also about the nature of nature.

Lk 13.34 How many times have I (Jesus) wanted to gather your children together like a hen with their chicks under their wings, and you did not want to.


Chicken -  important remedies in alternative medicine.

Jesus the great doctor knows how his creation works. He ties the image of his motherly love to the chicken. He knows that chickens are an important remedy in naturopathy, especially for mothers and exhausted people.

1. Chickens do not fly high, their habitat is the "lower" room. (Hildegard von Bingen, Physica). The pictorial language of ancient medicine is about the healing of the "lower" organs.

2. Chickens particularly strengthen the vitality of mother and child. They help with all problems related to childbirth and breastfeeding.

3. General for fatigue, tiredness, after infections, long illness, with rushing ears.

Recipe Chicken Broth

Especially recommended for weakness, after birth and with reduced milk flow.


1 soup chicken, beans, carrots, ginger, spices….


Let it cook for 2 hours, then remove the chicken meat to eat, continue cooking the bones for at least 6 hours, always adding fresh water. Finally, strain and drink.

The longer you have cooked the broth, the more nourishing it is. (In Chinese medicine, the soup is cooked longer, up to four weeks. I've never tried this myself.)

Women's health. Only healthy women enable sustainable progress and development, also for the next generation. Think about the future.

Recipe Chicken Liver (TCM)

Recipe: Cut the chicken liver into small pieces, cook a thick paste with rice and onions.

Eat for a long time.

strengthens liver, kidney and blood

Use for weak liver and eye problems with blurred vision, eye problems, bleeding at the beginning of pregnancy

Night blindness, poor appetite and nightly wetting of children

not with high cholesterol.