Mosaike Ravenna 6th century
Mosaike Ravenna 6th century


"Do you hear this bird?" Dan asked. I said „Yes."

"Do you hear what he says?"

"I don't speak bird language," I replied.

"You should," he said with a wink. "You learn a lot. The birds are biped like us. You are very close to us.“

Aus „Die letzten heiligen Dinge: Auf den Spuren indianischer Weisheit.“ Verlag Hoffmann und Campe, Hamburg. 

To deal with Air

Birds deal with air. We can compare their body  with houses. 

A small hut is easy to build, but it cannot withstand a strong storm, it collapses unless it stands e.g. under the protection of a house. The higher a house is built, the more difficult it becomes to build. The house is exposed to the winds much more directly. To build a high-rise building, you need a structural engineer, i.e. an engineer who only specializes in ensuring that the house can withstand wind and wind resistance. Skyscrapers must not be compact, they need a certain elasticity. You have to resonate with the vibrations of the air.

In former times columns supported particularly tall buildings such as churches. They help carry the building.


 A similar diagram, also from National Cancer Institute//
A similar diagram, also from National Cancer Institute//





The Vertebral Column

The vertebral column gives support to the body.  It is built in such a way that it can react flexibly to air. The  spine supports the body like a column in a skyscraper. Hence its name.

By OpenStax College - Anatomy & Physiology//
By OpenStax College - Anatomy & Physiology//


The spine column  is not a fixed stick, but consists of many individual vertebrae. Between them are "slices" of elastic connective tissue. They hold the vertebrae together and the spine as a whole can move. Even during the heaviest storm, our bodies don't collapse.