Heal with Air

Respect of  air

If God binds us to Him in every breath, we shouldn't despise that. Good air is a valuable asset. Bad air can make people sick.

Therefore: make sure you have good air !! Avoid exhaust gases, the air from plastic furniture and the harmful wood glazes. Disinfect the air with Neem leaves, vinegar or others, as I have already described. Ventilate well. This is especially true in times of Corona.

Waste disposal

The Christian NGO Anamed offers a one-week introductory course on naturopathy in tropical countries. It starts with learning how to separate waste. Garbage cans with different colors are set up:

- One is for paper. It is burned once a week.

- The second is for compost. This contains all plant waste that is composted in the garden.

- The third is for plastic, meat waste and other items that are buried deep in the garden. Plastic is very harmful. But if it burns and the smoke rises into the air, it is much more harmful.

- Old computers and batteries should definitely be disposed of separately. The same applies to used cell phones. Batteries in particular poison the water.

The problem of waste separation is a worldwide problem. Avoiding waste is particularly important. If I don't buy plastic, I don't need to dispose of it. But we can no longer imagine a world without a cell phone. You see the problem is difficult.