Codex Lucca Miniatures 1-4


The basics of this page are the first four miniatures of the Codex Lucca. The photo boards are kept in the Bibliotheca Staate di Lucca in Italy and were kindly made available to me for teaching purposes. They may not be copied.

The Codex Lucca is one of the most important manuscripts in Hildegard von Bingen's works and has been preserved intact to this day. It illustrates Liber Divinorum Operum (LDO). The text criticism sees the pictures as subordinate to the texts. A comparison of image and text shows very clear forgeries on the images. This site is a medical site. Therefore, the reproduction is shown here first. Clicking on the pictures shows the picture in the museum.

LDO foreword: Author picture

Vision 1 (LDO I) - retouched

Vision 2 (LDO II) - retouched

Vision 3(LDO III)

Vision 4 (LDO IV) - retouched