The ancient medicines that we still know and practice today have their roots in their religion: Christian medicine is not known. This is actually astonishing because Jesus Christ was a great doctor. His medicine has been practiced in Christian monasteries around the world until it was replaced by conventional medicine in the 13th century. 

The Medicine was practiced in the Christian monasteries, especially the Benedictines and Hildegard of Bingen. We find a simple and cheap naturopathy here - a kind of medicine for poor people - medicine of Jesus Christ himself. It is my prayer that it will help us in our problems today. Welcome to learn by internet and facebook!


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The Deep Dimension of Merciful Love


Monastery Medicine has a level that we cannot find in any other medicine: merciful love. This means: Nature is not just nature, but creation. It is shaped by a loving creator. It bears HIS signature of merciful love. 


abounds in all,

from the depths exalted and excelling

over every star,

and most beloved

of all,

for to the highest King the kiss of peace

she gave. 

(Hildegard of Bingen, Songs)


Caritas habundat in omnia-De imis excellentissima super sidera -atque amantissima in omnia,-Quia summo regi osculum pacis dedit. 

This page contains only general advice for naturopathy.

It does not replace a doctor. If you are seriously ill, you need to go to the doctor!