Heal with Smell

Our nose is a little miracle

Patients who had Corona reported that they could no longer smell anything. Her sense of smell was blocked, and thus an important access to healing with naturopathy.

Basically, every natural remedy can work solely through the smell. We almost forgot how to smell in our time. When you look at pictures on Facebook, you see with your eyes - you might hear a video, but you don't smell anything. If facebook also offered the smell, you would have a completely different impression of the pictures. So you just have to think of the smell. It's different from when you really smell. you miss something.



Humans have 350 olfactory receptors and 10 million olfactory cells. 

Compare with animals!


A dog has 1200 olfactory receptors and 220 million olfactory cells, it can smell much better and more accurately than humans.

A rat can "smell stereo" and has more than 1000 genes for olfactory receptors. It transmits many diseases to people without being affected by them.

A moth perceives smells with antennas. It can perceive 5 molecules of a sexual attractant and is far superior to humans in this case.

Nasal fitness

Most animals are much more sensitive to smells than humans. At the beginning of life we can still recognize our mother's milk by its smell, but in the long run this art wears off. In old age we only smell very undifferentiated. The loss goes hand in hand with the loss of social life. Healing is very difficult here. If you want to heal with naturopathy, you have to have a good nose.

Exercise nasal long-term training

Choose 4 different scents, smell intensely every morning and evening, at least half a year. The daily sniffing at the four smell samples should become a little ritual. It strengthens the sense of smell.

Smell evokes memories

Fragrances can trigger strong feelings and body reactions even in tiny concentrations. They go directly into the brain and first into the limbic system. All feelings and memories are stored there.


A few weeks ago we visited a modern exhibition. Pictures of forest hung on the walls in one room. We looked at them and suddenly I felt the scent of the forest in my nose. It was created artificially.

At that moment something changed in me without my intervention. Memories awoke - of my childhood, when my grandmother told us stories about the forest, of familiarity, security, love. This simple picture aroused great potential in me because of its smell. It spoke to my heart. Although I don't really love exhibitions so much, I happily left them and can still remember them well.

Smells evoke memories, not just positive ones, but also negative ones like fear, anxiety and malaise. It indicates a potential in our body that goes beyond our minds or that eludes our rational thinking.

Find examples from your own life. 


No fragrance memory is lost - we have only forgotten how to recall them consciously. Even the unborn baby in the womb can smell. The newborn recognizes his mother and her milk by  smell.


The tradition of smoking incense and myrrh is part of our service, at least in the Catholic Church. It has a long history. Almost all ancient cultures carried out incenses with aromatic-scented plants, resins and barks. It also used to fight pathogens, because viruses and bacteria, including epidemics, have not only been around since today. So the smoking protected against infection.

Unfortunately, more car emissions and cigarettes are burned today, the smell of which is unfortunately very harmful to our health. Burning plastic is also very unhealthy. It is better to recycle or bury it in the garden instead of polluting our air. Especially in times of corona you should be careful here, because the Covid 19 virus mainly affects the lungs.

A good direction in naturopathy has developed from the good tradition of worship: aromatherapy. In short, it heals with fragrances. This includes smells from smoking, fragrant ointments and oils and perfume. If you still cook on an open fire, you can easily produce aromatic scents. You just put fragrant branches and resins in the embers. Here myrrh and frankincense are among the most important plants. Compared to the modern smoking process with vinegar, they smell wonderful if they are of good quality. This smell is very popular.

In the next week I would like to show you how to make a healing oil from sunflower oil and pepper.