Perceive with all 5 senses

Concentrate on the good

In the times of Corona, disinfection and hygiene are again becoming the focus of general interest. The population is encouraged to wash their hands and spray rooms with disinfectants. This means: We are fighting the virus. It's like war - we focus on wiping out the enemy. We want to survive ourselves. This is good and normal.

Monastery medicine guides us to a deeper dimension of life and our body. It teaches us not only to fight. It focuses on the good. In this it resembles nature. Because even a tree concentrates on producing good fruit. It does not have any focus on anything bad.

Monastery medicine had no technical examinations and no medical laboratory. It has a different approach to the body. It has a very differentiated grid of perception: see - hear - smell - taste - touch. Every perception opens an access to healing. Perception with the senses is like to go through a door just into the heart.