The medicine of the monasteries is very old, but it is still relevant today. I only try to adapt it to our time.


Imagine the DISEASE


The corona pandemic was triggered by a virus that is trying to penetrate human body cells. 

The virus would like to be my guest and sees me as his host, who promises good living conditions. 

The Pathogen

Diseases can have many different causes. The current pandemic is caused by a virus. Viruses have different properties than bacteria.

  • Bacteria are unicellular organisms. You can live independently, e.g. in our mouth and intestines. Many of them are healthy for humans, except for some that harm them, e.g. Typhoid bacteria or streptococci. They can be treated with antibiotics.
  • Viruses cannot live independently. They push into the cell walls and hide there. That is why they are much more difficult to treat than bacteria.
  • Viruses are changing. They can be very lethal, but then suddenly lose their malignancy and become harmless. 


The Covid-19 virus is one of over 100 viruses that cause colds and flu infections. Flu viruses usually affect the nose, throat and ears. The corona virus penetrates deeper into the body. It attaches itself to the lungs, but can also affect the heart and kidneys.

The infection is primarily caused by droplet infection, i.e. breath and cough. It was examined whether the corona virus is also actively present on objects or in cat hair, but it has been found that these are only dead viruses that are no longer viable. 



 The disease can occur in four different stages:

1. Asymptomatic: The patient has contracted corona viruses, but does not develop any symptoms. He doesn't notice that he's sick.

2. The patient develops acute influenza with fever and the normal flu symptoms. Loss of taste and smell is striking in many patients.

3. The patient develops pneumonia and needs medical attention.

4. The patient develops a life-threatening reaction.In Germany, he is artificially ventilated at this stage.


80% of the patients recover after a few days, only a few get into the severe stages 3 and 4. These include especially the elderly and those with severe previous illnesses. In Germany the average age at death is currently more than 80 years.


Treatment strategy

In holistic medicine, the focus is on three different goals:

  1. At the center of attention is the pathogen as the potential guest.
  2. At the center of consideration is the person as the potential host.
  3. At the center of the observation is the common space that both occupy.

1. The focus is on the pathogen

The corona virus is dangerous because it spreads very quickly worldwide. It remembers to the apocalyptic rider, who quickly circles the whole world on his fast horse and deals out hardship and doom (Revelation 6). Many people here are very worried because the pandemic broke out in Wutan, China, where there is a bio-weapons research laboratory and fear that the virus has been tampered with.

Politicians and states have adopted rules of conduct to prevent the risk of virus infection. They rely on isolation and hygiene such as mouth protection and hand washing, and this should actually go without saying and will not be discussed further here.


2. The focus is on people

Anyone who thinks that the pathogen is everything has a very one-sided view. The condition of the host is very important. If he is healthy enough, his immune system is well developed, the guest cannot overcome the host. The host is strong enough.

That is why people with serious pre-existing conditions are at risk, especially if they take a lot of strong medication. According to a new statistical evaluation in Italy, more than 50% of patients had 2 and more previous illnesses who died from Covid 19, their average age 79 years.

An example from my own family: I had au pairs from Tanzania in my house for many years. They learned German, English and computers and helped me in my household. They had never experienced snow and a cold winter. I was very afraid that they would get virus diseases like my children, but they always stayed healthy. Her immune system was ok. and strong enough to defend against the viruses.


The close coexistence, AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, typhoid also poses great dangers for Africa. The cell phone worn on the body also weakens the immune system. It should be issued at night and taken in a separate bag. Please do so!

In the past few days I have already described that fever is our friend and not our enemy, who helps us to overcome the virus. If possible, it should not be suppressed by medication.

Naturopathy focuses on preventive medicine before incubation. I have already written down anti-viral medicines and will continue to do so. They are very easily available in East Africa and should also be grown in your own garden.


I myself heal with homeopathy. There is a homeopathic doctor in Moshi and Dar Es Salam in Tanzania who also have homeopathic medication. The homeopaths in India give Arsenicum album C 200 in the morning and Rhus toxicodendron C 200 in the evening for prevention and have had very good experiences with it. Other important agents are Camphora C 200 and Calcium sulphuricum, with which I myself have had very good experiences.

It is a pity that so little is known internationally and that homeopathy is done so badly on the Internet. The government in India is currently releasing 12 homeopathic medicines for corona that will reduce the duration and severity of the disease.


The disease is characterized by a great weakness, but also fear. It is fear that makes us physically weak.


3. The focus is on the common space

I clean the room air, that is the climate of the room, through the scent of myrrh and essential oils and avoid burning plastic. This the Christians always did to preserve the churches from diseases. 

This also includes the climate of the heart:

Dear friends, in prayer I can bring fear of God and ask for help. I can praise him and praise him. A virus has no ears, but it is part of God's creation, which always praises HIM. So he loses his power over me.

Jesus Christ said to his disciples: You are afraid in the world, but be confident, I have overcome the world. I trust in HIM all days of my life.