Like another culture

When I first came to Tanzania many years ago, everything was completely foreign to me: language, way of life, food .. ... Not even the traffic rules were the same as I was used to. We drive on the right, in Tanzania on the left. If you don't pay attention, it will be dangerous. Luckily our friends helped us and so soon everything was no longer a problem.


The Bible is also interpreted differently in other cultures  than I was used to. Nevertheless, I felt at home in the church from the start. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. It unites Christians all over the world into one big family. The differences take a back seat.


If we want to understand Jesus Christ as a doctor and not just as a Savior who does miracles, we have to understand him from HIS time and THEIR medicine. 


Ancient Christian monastery medicine is different from the conventional medicine. It is not Western medicine as we know it today, but its spiritual center is Jerusalem in what is now Israel. They interpret the Bible differently than I am used to. It comes from a different time and culture.

Nevertheless, there is a deep truth in it. To date, it is absolutely effective and healing. I encourage you to join me on my way to learn more about the roots of the Christian Church.

Jesus - doctor for body and soul. They called him "Christus - the Medicus" - this means Doctor Christus. Indeed: Jesus Christ was a doctor and healed all people who turned to him for help. All the Gospels bear witness to this with great agreement. Jesus is not only the great doctor for our soul, but also specifically for our body. The stories of his healings show that.

Jesus is the savior of all people. He can heal our soul. But he is also the creator. He knows how our body works.

From the beginning, the Church has not only preached, but has taken special care of the sick and poor. The Christians built hospitals to care for people. They have created gardens around the hospitals. So they had everything important to eat and heal right on the doorstep.

They form the basis of Europe's Christian culture. I am deeply grateful to them for that. Unfortunately, we almost forgot about it today. Sorry. 

Read words of Hildegard of Bingen (1098 -11799)

We only think yes and no in the West. Especially since we started using the computer. We can no longer think in phases of change like the ancient church.

"Everything has been handed over to me by my father" (Mt 11, 27). These words meaning must be understood as follows: I, the word and the son of God, started from my father. He has given me everything that He had predetermined to be formed, just as the words express the thoughts that are hidden in the heart. I return to Him with the fulfilled order of My Incarnation, a work that He had entrusted to me in eternity, in which I always stayed ahead of time and inseparable from Him who sent me to fill up the number that He had fixed.

And just as I got the power from Him to be creative in Heaven, so I got the power from Him to restore the lost creation down in the world. In God's true foresight everything was eternally safe that should become in future what He later wanted to create through His Word, His Son; He gave him the power to redeem and direct what he had created. So He gave everything to His Son, who was eternal in the Godhead of the Father with Him in the same entity. " (Hildegard of Bingen LDO)