Living Live Paradigm


The old medicines, which we still know today, have a common paradigm: they assume living life.

Films like "The Medicus" today give the impression that medicine was primitive before our conventional medicine - without hygiene, without anatomy, without the courage to face reality, without life-saving operations.

The film transfers our ideas of medicine to earlier times. The old medicines that we still know and practice today have a different paradigm: they are based on living life. They didn't dissect corpses - not because you didn't know what we thought we knew today, but because you didn't care. A corpse lacks the real thing, the basic principle of medical treatment: its living life, the presence of its vitality.

When medical students study life on the corpse today, this clearly shows a completely different idea of medicine. A paradigm shift has occurred.

So ... the flesh comes alive through the life force.

Only through this living force does it live as flesh.

Meat and life and life in the flesh are one life

(and cannot be distinguished).

This was God's purpose when He strengthened flesh and blood in Adam through the Spirit He breathed into him;

because even then he had the meat in his eye in which he thought to wrap himself.

And he loved it. Hildegard of Bingen, LDO.

A Common Paradigm

Living life is the paradigm of all ancient medicine and allows it to be placed in a common context.

  • Hildegard of Bingen: God's Spirit creates vitality
  • Homeopathy:  Healing law of vitality
  • Modern Traditional Chinese Medicine: Qi - vitality
  • ancient TCM: Qi (and not light) thought as Yin and Yang
  • Ayurveda: the teaching of life


Die tiefe Dimension der Caritas

In ancient medicine, the theoretical understanding of vitality is shaped by its religion. But from the point of view of wisdom, they are surprisingly similar. Wisdom is an art form, based on experience, of dealing correctly with the life force.

For Hildegard von Bingen, all healing is done out of merciful love. It unites the different theories from within, from the heart.

The Holy Spirit: living and life-giving,

the life that’s all things moving,

the root in all created being:

of filth and muck it washes all things clean—

out-scrubbing guilty staining, its balm our wounds constraining—

and so its life with praise is shining,

rousing and reviving


Hildegard of Bingen, Songs