Hahnemann's discovery of homeopathy

Perhaps it is due to cultural memory. At the beginning of the 19th century, the doctor and chemist Georg Hahnemann accidentally discovered the homeopathic principle in his medical practice. He saw it as the principle of life force.


  • Organon § 9. In the healthy state of man, the spirit-like vital force, which invigorates the physical body as dynamic, rules unrestrictedly and holds all its parts in admirably harmonious life courses in feelings and activities, so that our resident, sensible mind is free to use this living, healthy tool which can serve the higher purpose of our existence.
  • Organon § 10. The material organism, conceived without vital force, is incapable of feeling, activity, and self-preservation; only the intangible being, reviving the material organism in a healthy and sick state, gives it all sensation and effects its life.In contrast to other ideas of the Simile, the following applies to homeopathy: What a medicine does to the sick is determined by testing on healthy people. (Hahnemann, Organon Sections 105-108, 120-153; see Coulter, Harris Livermore, Divided legacy: a history of the schism in medical thought, Washington D.C., 1974-1994). 

From his experience, he developed the teaching of homeopathy in the context of his time and its medicine.

Despite a constant conflict with conventional medicine, homeopathy quickly spread worldwide. The Hahnemann students developed a medical system with paragraphs, fixed rules and a medical reference work, the repertory, as part of their time.

Hahnemann's student is A. Gladstone Clarke. His work on homeopathic key symptoms is still one of the basic works of homeopathy. He was a student at the Missionary School of Medicine London (M.S.M.) and later a missionary in China. The seminar gave the future missionaries a "homeopathic knowledge of remedies" as "weapons of love", and the missionaries experienced impressive healing successes. So homeopathy was spread worldwide, especially in India.

Homeopathy today


The development in homeopathic practice shows that homeopathy is a medicine with a great ability to integrate. The opening of natural science to quantum theory means an enormous development and expansion of homeopathy.

  • The doctor and chemist Dr. Scholten, Netherlands, explains homeopathy (unlike Hahnemann) based on modern chemistry and natural sciences.
  • The biologist Dr. Michael Yakir, Israel, takes up Scholten's research and in turn extends it to include the context of modern biological systems.
  • For the research group of Dr. Sankaran, Bombay, homeopathy is essentially a spiritual spiritual medicine and is seen by him in continuity with the ancient Vedic scriptures. From here, too, the spectrum of homeopathic knowledge has expanded.


Homeopathy of  monasteries

When homeopathy is extended to the African context, m. E. Another model of homeopathy that has not yet received attention is important: homeopathy of the old monastery medicine from a time before the university. Her last significant representative is Hildegard von Bingen.

It places homeopathy in the Christian Jewish world view of the Bible.


As a humanistly educated scholar, Hahnemann had recognized the spiritual roots of homeopathy in Greek Hippocratic medicine. Hildegard was still familiar with the theory and practice of Hippocratic medicine. We owe everything we still know about this ancient Greek medicine to the monks 'clerks' offices, otherwise it would have been lost in the confusion of migrations. It opens a way for modern homeopathy to leave Hahnemann's frozen world view during his lifetime and to place homeopathy in the context of traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda.


Even if it is not easy today to put yourself in the minds of the monasteries, an attempt should still be made to find access to homeopathy with it.

Heal with your heart

Homeopathy is not a method in itself. It is a healing that comes from deep within - from the heart.

"In my understanding, homeopathy is not limited to looking into the repertory and giving remedies. It is a universal healing principle. I believe that hand in hand with in-depth study, a solid foundation of our science, ... us a deeper knowledge of Nature can only be helpful in our choice of remedies. I see homeopathy as a way of living…. Homeopathy is not just a way to make symptoms disappear, it is a way of healing, a deep healing that comes from within (Sankaran, Indian Homeopath)."

O power within Eternity:

All things you held in order in your heart,

and through your Word were all created

according to your will.

And then your very Word

was clothed within

that form of flesh

from Adam born.


R. And so his garments

were washed and cleansed

from greatest suffering.


V. How great the Savior’s goodness is!

For he has freed all things

by his own Incarnation,

which divinity breathed forth

unchained by any sin.


R. And so his garments

were washed and cleansed

by greatest suffering.


Glory be to the Father and to the Son

and to the Holy Spirit.


R. And so his garments

were washed and cleansed

by greatest suffering

Hildegard of Bingen, Song 1