About alternative Medicine

The ancient medicines that we still know and practice today have their roots in their religion: Traditional Chinese medicine in Daoism, Ayurveda in the Indian high religions, homeopathy according to Hahnemann in Greek philosophy and the world of the gods. Christian medicine is not known. This is actually astonishing. 

According to unanimous testimonies, Jesus Christ was a great healer. For the old church he was the "Christ medicus" - the creator himself who knew how his creation works.

For a deeper access to Christ the doctor we have to put him in the context of HIS time and HER medicine.

Learn Medicine with Pictures

People from before the university still lived in a simple culture. Education and books were only accessible to the upper strata of the population. In order to let ordinary people participate in the life of the church, the monks presented Christian medicine in pictures. I chose Hildegard of Bingen´s pictures. She is a great German doctor, saint and church teacher from the middle age (1098 - 1179).

About History of Christian Monastery Medicine

Jerusalem - the Center of Christianity

The Loss of Christian Medicine

For us today, Christ is a "savior" of the soul, but not a doctor for the body. The old medicine has been lost. The thought of reading the Bible like a spiritual medicine and giving it a medical equivalent seems unscientific and suspect. From our scientific understanding, we have no access to holistic medicine from before the university.

The reason lies in the history of the Christian church and monasteries. It is characterized by a change in the world view.